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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Airport Taxi in UK


Traveling to a new location always come with a lot of thrill and enthusiasm. You are surely excited to explore the wonders that the city or your recreational area holds. So, this year it’s your trip to explore the UK and you have arrived at one of its airports with a lot of excitement but now it’s time to hire an airport taxi to take you to your desired location.

Whether you are looking for Heathrow airport to Thame taxis to explore the beauty of this blooming market town or Heathrow Airport to Chinnor Taxis. There might be some challenges that you would have to face if you don’t give your proper consideration while hiring a taxi. Here are the five things that you definitely need to consider before hiring an airport taxi in UK.

1.    Fare Rates

One of the fears that the passengers have of hiring an airport taxi is that they might get scammed or overcharged for their trip. Since, at the airport, there are many tourists and people from different locations, who don’t know about the fare rates of that specific place and hence it is a good way for taxi drivers to scam the innocent passengers. One way to avoid this scam is to do good research on the fare rates of the taxis in that particular location where you wish to visit. However, this problem is very much solved by the up-gradation of technology. Now, there are many taxi companies that offer online services. In this day and age, you can book a taxi online even before your arrival in just a couple of minutes and the taxi driver would be waiting to pick you up outside the airport. These companies almost have a fixed rate that they charge from the passengers for a specific travel distance. Therefore, there is less chance of getting scammed in this way.

2.    Choose a trusted Taxi Company/Service

So, you are about to book an online taxi. Now, there are some of the things you need to consider while choosing a taxi company. Make sure that the company which you choose for hiring a taxi is properly licensed. Since there might be a company or service that hasn’t been licensed and might lead you to a problem. Also, check the ratings of different companies since this would greatly help you in choosing a trusted taxi company.

Also make sure that the company or service that you choose is straight-forward in telling the details of its fare rates, revealing the details of its cars and drivers and the type of services it provides. Since there are companies that have hidden charges like extra luggage or passenger costs and reveal its detail at the end of the journey. For example, your search for Luton Airport to Princes Risborough taxis and find the fare cost to be about £45 - £50. But, at the end of the journey, you find out that the cost that you have to pay is almost 1/3rd  more of the initial fare. Thus, pay good attention to all these minor details before booking a taxi.

3.    Look for Professional Taxi Drivers

So, either you are hiring a random taxi or booking one online make sure that you choose one with professional drivers. Since a professional taxi driver would know how to treat his passengers. He would help you with your luggage, have no problem driving an extra mile or more and will give you a good company during your journey.

Also, make sure that the driver knows the roads well since there are many routes to a specific location and one who knows the roads well would definitely save your time. For example, you are looking for Luton Airport to Haddenham Taxis then there are 3 to 4 routes to the destination (via A418, via B4540, via A41). So, a professional driver would know the best-suited route for you.

4.    Easy Booking System

While traveling through the air there are many times when the flight gets delayed due to unwanted circumstances and if you book a taxi for a specific time then this might cause you extra charges for cancellation or the delay. However, there are many services or companies that adjust the timing of the taxi according to the time of arrival of your plane or train. For example, if you are booking a Heathrow airport to Chinnor taxis or taxis from Haddenham and Thame Parkway Station then book a taxi service that would adjust its timing according to the arrival of your plane or train.

Also, look for a service that you can book easily like just by calling since it would be beneficial in the case that you don’t have an internet connection.


Either you are new at the airport or have been visiting the place many a time, Precautions are always necessary. Make sure you are fully satisfied with the driver and his behavior before you get into the ride. Make sure that there is no stranger in the car beside the driver, since there are many incidents of stealing valuable possessions from the passengers in this way. Engage yourself in conversation with the driver and make sure that he does not drive you into some kind of a remote area. Stay Alert during your journey.


Traveling from the airport to the final destination is always a concern that the passengers have to face. Finding a reliable mean of transfer in terms of convenience, expense and ease is always a problem for travelers. Booking an airport taxi might be the easiest way that one can think of, but that should also be chosen after a good look at considerations.


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