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A Leading Taxi Service Provider in the UK

Supreme Taxis is the leading taxi service provider company in the UK. We pride ourselves on the range and the quality of services that we provide. Whether it is airport transfers, long-distance travel, intercity or intracity taxi services, or choosing from a fleet of vehicles, we have got it all covered. Our goal has always been the comfort and placidity of our customers, and this is what we thrive on working.

Our taxi service is available in various cities of the United Kingdom, namely Princes Risborough, Haddenham, Chinnor, and Thame. We also cover all the major airports of the United Kingdom, like Heathrow, Luton, and Gatwick. Complete detail of all the services that we provide is given below.

All United Kingdom Airport Transfers

Our company Supreme taxis has worked day and night to provide the best possible services to our customers. One implication of it is that we provide our taxi services to and from almost all the major airports of the United Kingdom. Our taxi drivers are well versed with the airport services and would adjust their times according to the arrival of your flight. So, whether you arrive on time or with some delay, our taxi driver would be waiting for you outside the airport accordingly. We have Luton airport to Thame taxis, Luton airport to Chinnor taxis, and various other cities as well. So, no matter which airport you have to depart from, you can easily rely on Supreme taxis to take you there.

Intercity and Intracity Taxi services

Another significant achievement is that we run our service within a city and to other cities as well. We currently have our services in all the major cities and areas of the United Kingdom, like Thame, Chinnor, Princes Risborough, Haddenham, and Stokenchurch. So, you can easily book Thame taxis to ride to Princes Risborough, Haddenham, or where ever you like. Similarly, you can easily travel anywhere within a city as well; for instance, you can book a taxi to travel to different places in Chinnor or Princes Risborough. Therefore, the complication to use various means of travel for short or long distances is seemingly resolved by Supreme taxis.

Various Methods of Booking a Taxis

One of the difficulties faced in traveling through taxis is the struggle in booking one. However, this is not a great issue for Supreme taxis. We have various methods available through which you can book a taxi. You can easily book a taxi by visiting our website or by calling our operator that would book a taxi for you. We also have android and IOS application available for our customers so that they can book easily from their mobile phones as well. We also provide bookings for several days and time, and you can also book a one way or return taxi as well. All of these services make Supreme taxis one of the best choices of traveling in the United Kingdom.

Huge Fleet of Vehicles

We have a massive fleet of vehicles available for our customers ranging in size and class. We have various kinds of cars available for you, depending on your travel requirements. You can easily select a vehicle you like at the time of booking a taxi. We have divided the type of cars by naming then as Saloon, Estate, Executive, and Minibus.

If you are looking for a regular trip or travel and not accustomed to more of the luxuries, then you can book for Saloon. This type of car can hold up to 4 passengers, two large bags, and two small ones. Second, our category is the Estate car. Book this one for your airport transfers since this type of taxis can hold up to 4 passengers, carry four large and small luggage bags. Third, if you are looking for a luxurious ride, then opt for the executive class, and finally, if you have a more significant number of passengers, then go for our minibus service. These vehicles can hold up to 8 passengers along with eight small and large luggage.

However, our minibus category also has various choices that you can select. You can choose a 6-seater, 7-seater, 8-seater, or 16-seater minibus depending on your requirement. Finally, no matter which class you opt for, all of our services have clean and modern vehicles. So, next time if you are looking for a regular Thame taxis ride goes for the Saloon category of Supreme taxis.

Speedy Courier Service

Along with providing taxi services, within cities and airport transfers, we also provide courier services for our customers. Say if someone wants to send a parcel or an essential document in Thame, then one can easily book Thame taxis to carry out the work. We provide same-day delivery service, which means that your parcel would be delivered on the very same day at which you have booked it. We even take extra care with fragile goods so that they remain safe during the travel.

Services During the Corona Pandemic

Supreme taxis have taken extra care during the Corona Virus pandemic around the world. We run our taxi service even during this pandemic but with all the safety precautions possible. We make certain that our taxi drivers are well versed with all the safety measures like gloves, masks, and sanitizers. We also take extra care to sanitize our taxis often during the corona-virus outbreak so that our services like Thame taxis, Princes Risborough taxis, and all of the others can work smoothly without any complications.


Supreme taxis is one of the best taxi services to choose in the United Kingdom. We try our best to provide or customers with the uppermost quality of taxi service here in the UK. Our service is available 24/7. So, whether you need an airport transfer, a taxi to take you to another city, fast and reliable courier service or just a regular taxi ride within a city we have got it all covered. Just book a taxi from our website, the IOS app, or by calling our operator and rest yourself until we reach you.

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