Long Distance Taxi

Long-distance journeys can be a bit tiring if you do not use the right kind of service. Therefore, it is best to select a service that will best provide your needs and take care of your comfort and ease. Book our taxi service and we will take care of your needs, make excellent arrangements for your travel, continue a journey without stoppages along the way, and have comfortable seating. For travelling long distances, the best travelling means that one can choose of course taxis.

Supreme taxis is a well-known taxi service provider that can take you to your desired long-distance destination with comfort, ease, and care. Our drivers are well-groomed and well-mannered for whom customer satisfaction is the utmost priority which we ensure through extensive customer service training. Our Meet & Greet Airport service ensures the provision of pick n drop from airport to your desired destination and all over the UK as well.

long distance taxi

Services We Offer

Airport Transfers

We also provide airport transfers, if you are looking to travel to a long-distance airport like Heathrow, we would drop you off easily and with comfort. You need to book a ride, and we would make sure that you reach your destination comfortably. Conversely, is you are looking for a long distance taxi from the airport to a town or a long distanced place then, that is possible as well.

Time Management

We know that most people that are looking for a long distance taxi are mostly business people. Their time is one of their critical assets. They mostly need to get to meetings and places at the exact time without any delays. So, we make sure that we pay keen attention to time management and synchronize our time with that of the passengers, so that they can reach their destinations at a proper time. We try to manage everything properly from the time of booking and the arrival of the taxi to reaching the destination.

Executive Class vehicles

When searching for a long distance taxi, most business people are looking for a luxurious style vehicle since it best suits their needs and tastes. Hence, we have a massive fleet of luxurious and executive class vehicles that you can book for your journeys. Try out our cars, and you would surely enjoy the trip in a better way.


If you are looking to travel to a town with your family and the number of passengers is high. Then it would help if you opted for our mini-bus services. These small buses can hold up to 16 passengers and a large amount of luggage. Thus, this will make your journey more comfortable and easy, and you would not have to worry about managing a large number of passengers since we would have covered that for you.

Easy Booking and Management

Lastly, it is easy to book our taxi and get benefits from our services. For booking our cabs, you can use one of the following ways:

· Visit our website and book a taxi there with your requirements and your preferable time.

· Call our operator using the number given at our site.

· Download and install our IOS app or Android app and get in touch from there.

No matter what you choose, we always make sure that we provide you with the best taxi service in the UK.