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7 best places to visit in Thame

Everyone visiting any country or city always thinks about the best places in that country or city where they can go and visit those places to enjoy. Some go with their families some go alone but everyone wants to enjoy the time in the best way they can. If you are visiting Thame then we have gathered some information for you so that you can spend your time in the best way. The 7 best places where you can go to Thame city are described below.

Thame Museum

If you’re in Thame then you should visit the Thame museum. The high streets of the town of Thame in Oxfordshire England are the place where Thame museum is located. Amazing local exhibitions and talks are spoken there which makes it a great source of local history. Many Tudor wall paintings that are important nationally are placed in this museum. The Tudor wall painting is housed in the community room that is used for temporary exhibitions.

A walking tour of the Midsomer Murders shooting locations in town is offered by the museum on Wednesday. For various displays, great use of multimedia has done. This museum is well organized and fascinating. The thing that increases the museum's worth is its historical artifacts and special WW1 centenary display. Visiting this place worth your money. Thame museum has the history of River Thames. This museum is committed to archaeology which is considered as the UK’s largest archaeological site.

The students discover the archeology themselves in this museum. The history of the objects is explained by human guides. The museum’s collection is changed with its discoveries that are done daily. You can go to the Thame museum by taxis like Thame taxis or Chinnor taxis.

Oxford Castle and Prison

Oxford Castle and the prison has a thousand years of history. By visiting this place in Thame you can discover the building’s thousand-year history and can enjoy a great time there. Costumed character guides help the visitors to have an idea about the colorful past of the site, events and real people. These real people include Mary Blandy who is a convicted murderer and the reason behind the oxford prison to be feared is the prison keeper of the 17th century.

You can have an amazing 360-degree view of the city by climbing the Saxon St George’s Tower which is one of Oxford’s oldest buildings. This oldest building has a narrow, steep, winding staircase of 101 steps. The guiders take the fascinating character of the past that includes soldier Robert D’Oilly, chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth, highwayman Isaac Darkin, prison governor Daniel Harris, humorless prison warder Mr. Barker, female prisoners Mary Blandy and Black Bess.

Buses are available to and from the city center to the Oxford castle and prison. Famous taxis of Thame city that includes Thame taxis or Chinnor taxis can help you to get there avoiding the traffic and other problems.

Bate Collection of Musical Instruments 

There is a wide range of bate musical instruments that are present in the Faculty of Music of Oxford University. Thousands of instruments are the partof  Bate Collection. This collection includes percussion, woodwind, brass, and keyboard. The people who want to learn about the development of instruments can get a great chance.

Abingdon County Hall Museum 

Abingdon County Hall Museum is present in a splendid 17th-century baroque building. In this museum, special exhibitions and permanent displays of  local history are held. Monk’s Map of 16th century and one of the last MGB roadsters from the MG factory are present in this museum. At certain times the museum roof is open. To get there without any problem you can book Thame taxis or Chinnor taxis.

Green Dragon Eco Farm 

You can visit the rural north Buckinghamshire at Green Dragon Eco Farm which has undercover and indoor facilities there. Animal Encounter Programme gives you the chance to learn about and get close to the animals. You can see the wide range of exotic pets in the Pets’ Corner. You can get close to the  Giant rabbits and guinea pigs. In this Green Dragon Eco Farm, there is Soft Play Barn which is great for kids to play. Messy Play Barn is popular on wet days for little ones.

The Phoenix Trail

Between the Thame and Princes Risborough, there is a Phoenix Trail. Along with this old railway route cyclists, walkers and horse riders run. On this route, there is seating every 500 meters. This trail is peaceful and has something to suit everyone. Three Horseshoes pub in Towersey is present in the way where you can take a break. This place has magnificent views that include nearby Chiltern hills, impressive birds of prey, and red kites. For wheelchairs and pushchairs, the surface of the Phoenix trail is ideal. The fresh air there makes you refresh.

Thame Markets 

Thame market is held in the heart of the Oxford shire. This market has its character because it contains a rich history. Ancient medieval buildings are present along with the Georgian and Victorian architecture.

Charter market

This charter market is held on Tuesday since its granted. This market contains a lively display of gifts, clothes, produce, and homeware. The traders are very friendly and are always ready to help the customers. A variety of the stalls will amaze you that are held in the upper high street from 9 am to 3 pm each week.

Variety of fun activities that includes community market days are held each year in August in the charter market. In this activity, you get to know about the charities and organizations that serve Thame.

Thame Farmers Market

One of the busiest market that remains busy in selling the stock of the local farmers and producers. Everything they have grown is sold in this market.

Summer street market 

From across the world, food and products are featured in this market.

French market 

In the French market, people travel from France to hold stalls in which they sell a range of hot food, soaps, and local crafts.

World village market 

The exotic world cooking, homemade traceable and healthy foods, crafts, clothing, and environment-friendly arts are displayed in this unique street market.




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