Corona outbreak in Buckinghamshire

How safe are Taxis during Corona Outbreak in Buckinghamshire?

Since the Corona outbreak dated 31st of December 2019, the world has faced a significant setback. Many countries have announced a complete lock down of some of its major cities. Travelling has stopped around the world, and the economy is dropping day by day since the export and import of many countries have finished. This alarming situation has created many problems around the globe from day to day routines to travel difficulties.

However, people still need to get around their localities to cope with the necessities of life. In this drastic situation, it is a common concern among people to choose the safest mean of traveling.

A brief introduction of Corona Outbreak in Buckinghamshire

As of today, there are 1,040,862 confirmed cases of Corona virus around the globe, out of which the recorded deaths are 55,104 which has created signs of panic around the world. Out of these confirmed cases, 41.5% of cases belong to the European area. These stats show a warning sign in the European region, and hence various precautions should be made to avoid the spread of disease.

Now, in the United Kingdom, there are 8,077 confirmed cases of Corona virus and 422 deaths, out of which 50 cases are reported from Buckinghamshire and just a single death. However, the situation is worsening day by day, and it is a common concern among the people about the safety of traveling through taxis during the Corona outbreak in Buckinghamshire.

How safe are Taxis?

1. The danger of other means of travel

The World Health Organization has advised keeping away from crowded areas since the spread of this Novel Corona virus has higher chances of spreading when there are more people around. Since buses, trains and coaches are usually crowded with people hence, traveling through them makes you vulnerable to the virus. Therefore, the best possible efforts should be made to avoid going through buses, coaches, and trains in this unfortunate situation.

2. Non-crowding in Taxis

Corona virus is less of a risk when one travels through taxis. Since people don't crowd the taxi, there is just the driver with you. Moreover, many safety precautions are being taken by taxi companies and drivers to avoid the spread of this disease. For instance, a great care of hygiene is maintained for the taxi and the driver in this contagious environment. Hence, if you need to get around Buckinghamshire, for example, you want to get from Princes Risborough to another town, then booking a Princes Risborough taxi is the best and the safest option for you.

3. Increased cleaning of the cars

During the Corona outbreak in Buckinghamshire, special care and hygiene are maintained for taxi cars as well. Cars of Princes Risborough taxis and other towns are made up of an increased cleaning schedule, and hence the drivers are advised to disinfect their cars often. Moreover, the areas of the cars that were overlooked for cleaning before the spread of the disease like the holding-handles, the handles of the doors, etc. are now thoroughly cleaned as well. This is done because one of the reasons for the spread of the virus is through touching things that are contaminated and then touching your face or nose with the same hand.

4. Taxi drivers are advised to use hand-sanitizers and face mask

Since the safety of passengers is the utmost responsibility of a taxi company. Hence, the drivers of Princes Risborough taxis and all-around Buckinghamshire are advised to wear face masks during traveling and to keep hand sanitizers in the car. The use of such utility is likely to reduce the spread of this disease from passengers to the driver and likewise from the driver to the passenger in case if someone of the driver or the passenger is contaminated with the disease due to the Corona outbreak in Buckinghamshire.

5. Taxi drivers are advised to Quarantine themselves

Even if there is a case that some-one of the drivers is diagnosed with the novel Corona virus then, he is immediately advised to quarantine himself to avoid the spread of the disease to others. Moreover, most of the time, the drivers are given funds by the taxi company so that the disease does not burden the drivers in the unfortunate situation that the world is facing.

General Safety Precautions

Even if the taxis are considered a safe means of travel; however, the following safety precautions should be followed during and after travel.

  1. Try to use sanitizer and wash your hands often and especially after traveling.
  2. Try to wear a mask if you have symptoms of coughing or sneezing.
  3. If you need to cough or sneeze, try to cover your mouth or nose with your bend elbow.
  4. Try to avoid much touching of the things in the car since there is a risk of contamination on them.
  5. Try not to shake hands with the driver since there is a risk of the spread of the virus in this way.

Finally, try to keep yourselves and others safe by adopting all the prevention measurements.


Due to the Corona outbreak around the globe, traveling has become difficult as well. Taxis might be considered as a safe means of traveling, but the safety precautions advised by the World Health organizations and the restrictions laid down by the government should be strictly followed since they are for the benefit of one's own-self.

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