How Taxis Have Less Chances of Spreading COVID than Subway Trains

Times like these are very serious. The coronavirus has taken all over the world and has made us vulnerable. The only protection and precautions we can take right now are the SOP guidelines provided by WHO. So how can we lessen the widespread of Covid while traveling? Are taxis safer to use than the subway trains in this worldwide pandemic? Here are some comparisons between subway trains and long-distance taxis, which will help you choose better about which transport to use.

No crowd

When you are riding a subway train, many people are riding it at the same time. The crowd is huge which is hard to avoid. Since subways pick you up from a specific station and also drop you off at the station, so the walk before the ride and after the ride makes you have physical contact with many people too. In Supreme Taxis case, you can call the ride where ever you want and get off at your desired place. In between, when you are on your ride no one else is riding with you and you don’t get in physical contact with anyone this makes the chance of transmission very less.

Safe Taxis

Subway trains are used by thousands of people on a daily basis. So the seat you take on the subway has been used by almost a hundred people in the past 24 hours and the chances are high that you might get the virus from it. Whereas Taxis are much safer because when you ride a taxi very fewer people than the subway, have ridden it this makes the risk of transmitting the virus lesser. When riding, it is only you and the driver who is present in the ride making it easier to protect yourself.

Better SOPs are followed

Many people on subway trains don’t wear masks neither do they use sanitizers. Riding with them will put your life at risk also the lives of people who are around you. But this is not the case with safe taxis because it is made sure that the driver is wearing a mask as well as you. A sanitizer for the riders is also available at the back seats of the vehicle. This helps you to protect yourself as well as others too. As there are no random people with you there are less to no chances of you catching the virus.

So the question which arises in your mind while traveling that are taxis safe? Now you will be able to distinguish how safe Supreme Taxis are. We try our best to maintain our cars and minibusses as safe as possible. Our drivers are trained to follow SOPs strictly, this helps us to keep both our clients and drivers safe. In these hard times, it is our duty to take all precautions so that we can keep ourselves and others. So follow the safety guidelines and travel safe!

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