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How Supreme Taxi Princes Risborough is Protecting its Drivers from COVID-19

Covid-19 is a pandemic situation that has made people's lives go upside down. Since WHO declared it a pandemic, many countries have imposed lockdown to prevent their population contracting from this deadly virus. In the UK, lockdown started on March 23rd, 2020, in an unprecedented measure to contain the virus.

Lockdown in the UK has immensely affected many entrepreneurs and businesses, and the taxi business is one of the many to be hit by the COVID-19 blowdown. Many taxi driver's businesses in Princes Risborough has seen nearly vanish due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Taxi drivers drive for hours, but nothing pops out on barren roads of Princes Risborough. Those drivers whose income is totally dependent upon taxis have gone completely bankrupt, and fewer jobs are being offered to them since the breakout of Coronavirus.

A Pakistani taxi driver has recently lost life to the novel Coronavirus in South London, and hence it has marked as the second taxi driver who has lost his life to the deadly virus within a week.

Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, passed away at St. George Hospital, leaving many grievers behind. His father, Muhammad Iqbal Gondal, has described his son to be a martyr. Zeeshan Ahmed had left two sons, both under the age of five.

Zeeshan Ahmed came to London with his family in 2014 and started his life here in Tooting Bec. He began to feel mild symptoms of Coronavirus on April 1st. Hence, he self-isolated himself before his condition became more critical and was taken to St. George Hospital on April 10th.

He struggled for his life on a ventilator for six days but unfortunately lost the battle of his life. There is still no clarity as to how he contracted the disease, Mohammad Iqbal Gondal said.

His father, Muhammad Iqbal Gondal, 60, also contracted the virus but showed very mild symptoms. His health condition didn't get worse, and hence he started to recover after within ten days.

According to the statement of grieving, dad Zeeshan was the only child of me. I devoted my whole life to make his life better. He was the light of my eyes. I can't even describe the pain I'm going through with. He is a martyr who lost his life against this deadly pandemic. My son is a shaheed, and I will remember him with these words forever. He was my whole world, and now he left us shattered. He was so passionate and wants to fulfil all his dreams.

Union of taxis based in London said in a statement: "Zeeshan Ahmed, a fellow London Uber driver passed away today in St George's Hospital (Tooting) from Coronavirus. He had two very young kids. Our deepest condolences to the family." Before Zeeshan Ahmed, another taxi driver, Ayub Akhter, 33, who was in perfect health, had also lost his life to the Coronavirus in the same Hospital. As described by the family, Ayub complained of getting the infection after the traveller consistently coughed on his taxi's back seat.

London transport has extremely deteriorated after the breakout of Coronavirus. However, London still has not categorized taxi drivers as essential workers and hence has allowed them to earn their wages without any protective measures whatsoever.

Supreme Taxis Princes Risborough has tried to resolve this issue. In consideration of the precious lives of taxi drivers, it has taken the initiative of adding a partition screen between the driver seat and the back seat. Hence, it might prevent the spread of the virus from passengers to drivers. There are screens readily available that are only waited for the affirmation of license authorities.

In late April, when aeroplanes brought many persons back home, our taxi service was on the front line, ferrying travellers from around the world to their destination. There was little time for drivers to take protective measures. Still, Princes Risborough Taxis has provided them with all the essential aids to prevent them from contracting viruses such as masks, hand sanitizers, and germ disinfectant spray as well. After their shift ends, all drivers are asked to disinfect their vehicles by using disinfectant spray so that any passenger who would take the ride would not contract any germ.

Supreme Taxi Princes Risborough is always proud of its endless services to their valuable customers. During a crisis, it outshines all the other taxi services in the region by introducing rigorous protective measures for both the drivers and the customers.

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