Safest place to live in uk

7 Safest Places to Live in UK

The United Kingdom is one of the best places to live in the world as it is filled with open fields and a beautiful and productive environment. The busiest and most populated areas of the United Kingdom are not far from the coast and open fields. It means that you can easily enjoy the fresh and comfortable environment of the Kingdom and earn a means of living.

So, if you have decided to make up your mind to move to the United Kingdom, or are just a keen reader to find some of the best places to live in the United Kingdom, we have brought you the top 7 places to live in the United Kingdom.


It is coming up first in the United Kingdom's city known as Oxford, which is situated in Oxfordshire. It is one of the top places to live in the United Kingdom, especially if you are moving for educational purposes. This city is enriched with one of the world's best educational institutes. This city also contains Oxford College and University that has a prestigious rank over the world as a whole. It also has the beautiful river Thames and Oxford Canal running through it. Moreover, Cotswold is just a few miles away from Oxford, and one can easily travel to it for recreational purposes and peace of mind.

If we talk about Oxford, then North Central Oxford is the most expensive and exclusive residential area. It contains large Edwardian and Victorian houses. Another great reason for living in Oxford is that public transport is easy to find here. Since Oxford is known for its excellent public transport services like the subway, buses, and taxi services, if you ever need to get anywhere from the city, you can easily travel, taking benefit of the public transport available here. Supreme taxis is one of the best taxi services available in Oxford and nearby, so if you ever need to travel anywhere quickly, you can easily book one of their cabs.


Glasgow is the second-largest city in Scotland and one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom. This city also hosted the 2014 Commonwealth game. This city is known for the tradition, culture, architecture, and the love of sports that this city holds, it is alongside the River Clyde, and the bank of the river holds various art galleries, restaurants, shops, and bars. Glasgow is a flourishing metropolis, with attractions and places for everybody to come and enjoy. You can get around the city using cheap taxi services like Supreme taxis, or you can use Glasgow's subway "The Clockwork Orange."

Talking about the city, the west end, situated around the Byres road is famous for holding professional and students while the Kelvinside is the most upmarket district. This city has transformed from an industrial town to now one of the cultural capitals of Europe. Some of the remarkable things and places that you will find around in Glasgow are as follows.

  1. Glasgow Science Center
  2. The Tall Ship
  3. Willow Tearooms
  4. St. Enoch Center
  5. Kelvingrove art gallery and museum
  6. Glasgow Necropolis
  7. The Corinthian Club
  8. House of an art lover
  9. Sharmanka
  10. ST Andres's Cathedral


It would not be fair to mention all of the best places to live in the United Kingdom without mentioning London. It is as far as one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom as well. Many people outside the United Kingdom consider London to be a country in itself due to its popularity, and it is justifiable to some extent. The city is famous for its ancient buildings, like the Palace of Westminster, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Art galleries, London Eye and Big Ben. The population of people living in London is more significant than in Scotland, and Wales put together.

London is a wealthy and dominant city, not just in terms of history but also for the money. This city has an enormous labour market, and most people come here for education or to find a living. Even the wealthiest people around the world make London an abode to live. It is easy to find a job here than most of the other places in the United Kingdom. The city is made up of smaller districts, and each has its distinctive character.  It contains the Grand Stucco house of Notting Hill, the converted factories, and loft spaces of the East End and suburbs to the North and south of the city. Public transport in London is also famous around the world. You can easily book taxis like Supreme taxis or travel through the subway to quickly get around the city.


Manchester is a metropolitan borough and a city situated in England. It is the fifth most populated district in England. This city is famous for its love for football and music. Its football team is considered one of the best clubs around the world.

Manchester is also known as the capital of the North and combines the fast pace of urban living with tremendous countryside views and open-fields. It is famous for its culture, restaurants, and the buzz that a city offers. The city is known for a high-standard living. It also contains the famous Beetham tower, one of the largest skyscraper in the United Kingdom.

Manchester is known throughout the world as being the birthplace of the industrial revolution. The city has a proud and famous history in politics, science, music, arts, and sports. There are various things to do and see in Manchester, such as visiting the play factory, national football museum, the Lowry, Disney's The Lion King Musical, Art of the brick, and much more. If one is interested in visiting and seeing the arts and culture in Manchester, then there are various museums and art galleries in Manchester and numerous festivals are held there.


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and it is built on the remains of an extinct volcano and is miles away from the coast. It is a multicultural and elegant city famous for its International festival, fringe festivals, and many museums and art galleries. Edinburgh's parks are truly magical, the environment is breath-taking, and one would find a comfortable living in this place. The city of Edinburgh is also crisscrossed with waterways. The views here are just splendid. There are various shopping centres where many people come to shop from all around the United Kingdom.

The winter in Edinburgh is also beautiful; Dean Village is a lovely place to go during the winter. Edinburgh has some of the best music venues and clubs around the world. Some of these are Cabaret Voltaire, Electric Circus, Opium, Opal Lounge, Sneaky Pete's, and Studio 24. Edinburgh is also home to some of the best book shops. The international festival happens every August, and there are people from all over the world. Therefore, once you are in Edinburgh, you do not have to travel anywhere else since hundreds of cultural events happen to hear near your doorstep.


By a survey conducted recently, Sunderland is ranked as the best city to live in the United Kingdom. The reason for it being is that people living in Sunderland are one of the happiest around the United Kingdom. People in Sunderland are delighted with almost every aspect of life, like commuting and living. One of the features that make Sunderland one of the best to live in the United Kingdom is its lower house prices than the rest of the United Kingdom. The rent prices here are also very reasonable while the quality of life is consequently high.

Sunderland is also considered a safe place to live out there in the United Kingdom. It has award-winning beaches in a beautiful environment. The city is famous for its museums and history. Sunderland contains the famous Pen-Shaw Monument, Washington Old Hall, and the Beamish Museum. You can also visit art galleries or see West end productions. The city also encompasses cultural attractions such as slam poetry nights, music venues and record shops. Due to how cheap the town is, you can also get around the city quickly, using taxis or public transports.


Thame may not be considered as one of the top best places to live in the United Kingdom, but it is undoubtedly one of the beautiful places out there. Thame is a market-town and very close to London and Birmingham. Thame beauty comes from its semi-rural location, and it means that buyers and renters are in a comfortable zone of the area. Thame also has quick links to London like M40, making it easy to find employment either in London. The property in Thame is not expensive; therefore, you can easily buy and rent properties. The public transports in Thame are also convenient, and you can either travel through the train as Haddenham and Thame Parkway station is just at a distance of 5 min from Thame or book Thame taxis. Supreme taxis is one of the leading taxi service provider companies out there in Thame. Therefore, whenever you are looking to book a taxi, make sure to try Supreme taxis.


Every place in the United Kingdom has its beauty and advantages that make it worth living there. However, some locations do have a preference over the other. Now, it's up to a person to decide where most meets his/her need. Therefore, we have brought you the top seven places that you should have a look before making up your mind.

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